Carefree Floral Kimonos

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Not ready to show your legs yet? Have a dress that's a bit too snug? Wearing a basic t-shirt & jeans but need a little something to amp it up? THIS lightweight, vibrant kimono will solve everything (well...not world peace but that's for another website). It's casual when you want it to be, dressy when you pull out all the stops and just basically something you should have at least one of!

Tips: If it's too long for your petite frame, knot the bottom front panels up to instantly shorten it. Belt it if you want more of a tailored look. Go for a sultry look and let it drape off of your shoulders. There are SO many different things you can do with a kimono! We hope you throw one into your cart. You won't regret it - promise!! 




Clothing Length:Long
Fabric Type:Chiffon
Sleeve Length(cm):Full
Pattern Type:Print