About Us


They can wear the same suit for 18 weddings in a row and not care that they've been seen in the same thing. Us women, however, can't be photographed in the same thing twice and typically start agonizing about what to wear the second we wake up.


We launched in 2019, and have been having fun ever since - working 'round the clock to bring YOU the best in affordable, trendy, stylish, and quality fashion.

Since fashion is ever changing, we add new pieces constantly, working closely with our manufacturers in providing you with quality merchandise that will still leave you with 'fun money' for the week. Yay!

We're firm believers that - IT'S NOT ABOUT BRAND. IT'S ABOUT STYLE. Sure, you can spend $200 on a trendy 'name' but chances are you'll wear it once - maybe twice - and there is sits in your closet until your next haul to the donation bin. Stick with us, girl, and we'll fill your closet with clothing you'll wear again and again - reinventing your look every time you wear it. 

As your new BFF,¬†our commitment is to help you find Something To Wear. From date night dresses to cute & comfy airplane attire, we'll never let you down ‚̧ԳŹ

Our philosophy is pretty simple: Have fun, & don't take yourself too seriously!

Thanks for reading this to the end! We're thrilled you stopped by and totally honored you've chosen us to help you find Something To Wear