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Bodycon Tips!

Hi Girls!

We feature a lot of really great Bodycon / Bandage Dresses on our site & we want to share some basic styling tips on how to wear them. We wouldn't be a best friend if we withheld juicy info from you!!

Body con dresses can help you serve up a number of looks – whether you want to heat things up for a summer night out or keep things casual at the weekend. It's an easy dress to wear – whatever the occasion – and a truly timeless dress style. A fitted dress never goes out of fashion. 


  • Shapewear -  shapewear is a blessing and there’s no shame in getting a little help to make you look and feel better. Shaping underwear can flatten a not-so-flat tummy, smoothen bulges, conceal panty lines and just help you feel more fantastic. It’s one of the style-essential secrets when it comes to the question of how to wear a bodycon dress.
  • PLEASE don't wear flats! -A bodycon dress screams glam, don’t kill the vibe with flats. It is a cardinal sin when it comes to how to wear a bodycon dress. Heels will help amp up the look, while also elongating your frame and helping your silhouette appear slimmer. Pumps, stilettos and even wedges work - whichever you’re comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable wearing heels, opt for comfy platforms and low wedges.
  • Accessories -  Let the dress be the showstopper and keep the accessories minimal to avoid looking OTT (over the top). A few key pieces like a watch, dangling earrings, and a clutch is enough to keep the look tasteful.
  • Don't be shy! Confidence is sexy, it’s your best accessory. Being self-conscious, tugging at your hemline constantly, crossing your arms in front of you – it’s all going to kill the look. Flaunt what you got, hold your head high and rock the look with confidence - and no one will be able to fault you.
  • As always, we are committed to help you find Something To Wear! Hope you find this info helpful + useful! xo