Our Styling Tips

Since we're your BFF, we're going to share some of our best style tips with you, and we've got A LOT to share, because that's what good friends do! 

  • The Bralette

Throughout this site, we refer to 'bralettes' quite often - pretty much because we're obsessed with them. They can transform a top like you'd never imagine, and by incorporating these into your wardrobe, you're going to wear stuff you never thought you'd be able to!

For some of you, wearing a bra is not optional, and that's ok! You can pick up a few bralettes and bandeaus, and wear them OVER your bra! These will hide bra straps (especially if you're wearing an open back shirt), and you won't loose the support you need. It's actually quite freeing! 

In case you're not familiar with the almighty bralette, take a quick look at this article:


  • The Cami (camisole)

Similar to the bralette, these are a great little fashion staple. These are available in so many colors & styles, and serve a multitude (that's a lot!) of purposes:

-If you've got the need to keep your upper body tight & trim, these are perfect. Throw one on, tuck it in and you'll suddenly feel put together. 

-Wearing a low cut blouse and it's not your particular vibe? Maybe you're going to work or a family function, and you want to be a little modest - the stylish cami will cover you up a bit, and add some flair to your top.

-These are great for sheer blouses and sweaters where you don't want your flesh exposed (gasp!!). I'm a modest gal, and I love the cami for this reason! 

We are NOT affiliated at all with the following manufacturers & suppliers of bras, bandeaus, & cami's, but we LOVE them. Speaking from experience, I've spent way too much money on these staple pieces, only to have them get pilled and stretched out after a few wears, and that's so not cool. I don't like throwing hard earned money away, and i don't think you do either. Yes..you can go rogue and get whatever you'd like, but our absolute all time favorites are:

  • Suzette Collection - Buy direct! a tad bit pricey but well worth it! 
  • Niki Biki  Unfortunately, Niki Biki can only be purchased direct if you are a wholesaler. However, you can find these at a lot of brick & mortar (& some online) boutiques. We don't carry them because we're an online boutique only and we don't house merchandise/inventory. As soon as we can figure out how to strike up a relationship with Niki Biki, we'll be SO happy to carry them but until then - ...

If you get confused or need help, contact us! We're here for YOU & will help in any way we possibly can!! 

Speaking of boobs, here's more good stuff:

  • The Sticky Bra. You may know them as the Rabbit Bra, Adhesive Bra, Breast Lift Tape, Chicken Cutlets, etc etc. Whatever you call them, they pretty much do the same thing, and they should definitely be incorporated into your undergarments collection. They do the work of a strapless bra, but there's NO straps involved, enabling you to wear any open back top, sweater, dress with a clear conscious! 

Again, we're not affiliated with any of these brands, but because we're BFF's, we'll share the 411 with you! The best place to start is good ole' Amazon

Last but not least, there's one more 'must have' for when you absolutely, positively HAVE to wear a bra, but you really really want to wear that off the shoulder sweater but UGH! those horrible bra straps!!  What to do....what to do...

  • Strappy's! These are interchangeable bra straps that can be attached to your own convertible bra in place of your regular unsightly straps. These will have you wearing things you've only ever dreamed about!!  

We REALLY wish we could come to your house and help you pick out something to wear, but hopefully, with our tried & true tips, you'll be able to go it alone. If ever you get stuck, hung up, or frustrated, send us an email and we'll be happy to help! You can send us pictures of something you have but don't know what to wear with it, and we'll give you our best suggestions!

Purchased something from us and you look SO good you want to scream it from the rooftop? SEND US A PICTURE or tag us on Facebook or Instagram, and we'll use YOU as one of our models for that particular item! You can 'smiley face' your face out of it if you'd like, but you're gorgeous and vibrant, so we'd like to see YOU!

One more thing...THANK YOU. Thank you 1,000 times over for letting us help you! To us, this is SO MUCH MORE than a business...it's been a dream for a very long time to help women feel their absolute best. After all, why shouldn't we? It is our pleasure helping YOU find SOMETHING TO WEAR!! xo