This Is Us

😊 First & foremost - THANK YOU for visiting my site! It means the world to me, & I'm so excited you're here!

Second - I'm a stickler for spelling! If you see any errors, let me know! I'll love you forever for it! 

Third - I tried to keep this site easy to navigate without dynamic graphics because you're here to shop - not attend an art show. 

Why did I decide to sell clothing? As corny as it sounds - This is the truth:

I've worked in retail my entire working life, however, the past 12 years I've spent working in fashion retail, and I've witnessed SO much, which is how this all came to be.

Men are easy. They can wear the same suit for 18 weddings in a row and not care that they've 'been seen' in the same thing. Us gals, however, work up a sweat at the mention of going out-be it dinner with friends, to a club, or date night-we care about what we look like & we agonize over what to wear. 

I cannot tell you how many times with either helping a customer or one of my friends look for clothes, I've heard "My arms are too fat", "My butt looks too big", "My stomach is too puffy"', "My legs are disgusting".  We are so hard on ourselves but NOTHING gives me greater pleasure than helping put something together & when they look in the mirror, the face lights up with approval because they know they look good! 

I love clothes. Who doesn't feel great when they're wearing something they love - or feel like poop when they can't stand what they're wearing?!  Being happy with the way you look gives you confidence and the attitude that there's nothing you can't do!  That's my favorite part!! Your strut is on point, you've got that hair flip going, and you feel pretty. That - my friends, is priceless!

So, since I obviously can't come to your house and physically help you 'get ready', I've put together 'something to wear' with YOU in mind for all of those times when you have nothing to wear! 

I've picked things that I would definitely wear myself (I'm a customer, too!), and a lot of stuff that I know my friends & family would love! I've included suggestions on what body parts can be hidden, what kind of shoes, undergarments, & accessories to wear & ideas on how else you can wear it! 

I didn't expect to be so long winded in this section (there's no character limit!), but I just want to give you a few reasons why I chose to give you Something to wear, and let you know how VERY honored I am that you are here!