All Day Comfort Mesh Leggings

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Yes..leggings ARE pants. I was a hold-out on this for many years and reserved my wearing of them to either the gym or my couch. Boy was I wrong! Versatile, trendy, SO comfortable and stylish, leggings can & should be worn when & where ever possible.

Our mesh leggings definitely have a more casual look, so we like to wear these with t-shirts, sweaters, crops tops, & the almighty denim shirt. The wide waistband on these are great!  There's nothing worse when you spend your day pulling your pants up every time you exhale, but these will stay put. The best part about the waistband & this fabric is that it totally lifts your booty and keeps everything tight & firm. Seriously - what's more important than that? 


Fabric Type: Knitted
Length: Ankle-Length
Material: Polyester,Cotton,Spandex
Waist Type: High
Thickness: Standard