Color Pop Kimono

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Ok...sometimes you hate your legs. We all do at one time or another. But when the hate runs so deep that you forbid yourself from wearing shorts, you're going to have a miserable summer/vacation. Don't despair!  A KIMONO is the answer to your pasty leg prayers!!  yup... It's that easy. This kimono is a great leg coverer (we just made that a word!) of what you don't want showing!  I also wear them when I'm feeling squeezed into a dress and am super self conscious about it. While the kimono hides 'stuff', that's not their only function:

  • Have a basic dress & need a pop of color? Kimono!
  • Wearing jeans & a t-shirt but something is still missing? Yup - kimono.
  • Heading to a pool party & don't have the perfect cover-up? you guessed it! Kimono!!
  • The only problem you'll ever have with a kimono is choosing which one to wear! 

 This kimono is ONE SIZE fits all. If it's too long on your petite frame, knot the bottom corners up to shorten it.This gives it an edgier look, too!